Where is your red line?

CLIENT: Mutua Madrile├▒a
AGENCY: Comunica+a
TYPE: Advertising
ROLE: idea & art direction

BRIEF: Create a strong digital campaign to promote Mutua Madrileña´s Foundation for women suffering domestic violence.

SOLUTION: A bad word, you are not able to do this, a dark eye. When it can be considered domestic violence? We want to create a debate, make people really talk about domestic violence, not only when it is too late. We will create a video in which we will ask the viewer to stop it at the first sign of domestic violence, when they  reach their red line. When you stop it, it will take you to a microsite in which you can see a real time timeline of the people who are watching the video and when they are stopping it.

Made with Mario Perez.

Via the hashtag #TheRedLine you could see all the debate created around domestic violence.