Top Gear

TYPE: Advertising
ROLE: Idea & Art direction

BRIEF: Advertise that all 22 seasons of Top Gear are coming exclusively on Spike during Christmas Marathon.

SOLUTION: Top Gear is all about speed, cars and having fun. We are going to make our viewers literally feel it! Creative director: Arjen Noordeman.

Experience how fast time goes when you are having a great time.

We will customize a hurricane simulator and record the participants.

We will create a contest in social media with the best “speed faces”.

The winner will get a ride on a Formula 1 and feel part of a Top Gear episode.

One of the main keys of the show is the competition between the presenters. We will create a series of face offs between influencers to generate more content and promote it Social Media.

For the Christmas Marathon promo we recreated Jingle Bells using car honks and car elements from the show. Edited by Danny Hessing.