Sculpt dat ace

CLIENT: Mutua MadrileƱa
AGENCY: Comunica+a
TYPE: Advertising
ROLE: idea & art direction

BRIEF: Mutua MadrileƱa is the main sponsor of Madrid’s Tennis Open. They wanted to create an special advertising action that not only would give attention to the tournament, but also could give them press after it was finished.

SOLUTION: Create the first sculpture made entirely by tennis players serves. Each time a tennis player give a serve/hit, a canyon situated in a custom made room, will hit a big metal block with the same speed. Hit by hit, our sculpture will be made. People atĀ the tournament could watch it in screens situated in strategic places of the Caja Magica, and via streaming in a website created specially for the event. Afterwards, the sculpture will be exhibited and sold in ARCO, one of the most known contemporary art fairs in the world. All the money raised will be donated to Mutua MadrileƱa’s Foundation charity projects.

In a dedicated microsite, you would be able to watch via streaming how the sculpture begins to take form. You could also bid to buy it.

Sculpture used for explaining the idea is copyrighted by 1stdibs